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John Albright, Owner
Fromex Photo & Digital
Signal Hill, California

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xwire f.a.q.

1.  When will I get my order?

Once you complete your online order, we try to print your order and ship it to you the same day, or the very next day. If you choose Priority Mail you should get your order in 2-3 days. If you choose Express mail you should get the order in 1-2 days. We also offer FedEx Ground and 2 Day Air.

2.  My image file will not upload?

When ordering online, you must use JPG or PNG files only. You cannot upload TIF, PSD, RAW or any other file types.

3.  Can I print from Facebook, Instagram or my Cloud account?

YES. From your computer or mobile device, you can print directly from your accounts at FaceBook, Instagram, Flicker, Picasa, Google Drive, Gmail, One Drive, Take Picture and FTP. We are also adding more image storage sites soon. You simply go to and order prints online. You will then be able to access your images directly through the Fromex site.

4.  Can I crop my photos?

Yes, you can zoom in on any photo and then adjust the location in the box. Just look for the Crop/Edit button above your image thumbnail.

5.  Can I get borders on my prints?

Yes, we offer standard white borders at no additional charge, and a variety of other borders like sloppy, keyline, black, etc for an additional setup charge of $3.00.

6.  What print finishes do you offer?

You can select glossy or matte finish for color prints; and glossy or pearl finish for true Black & White prints. The finish you select is for the entire order, so if you want different finishes you will need to place two different orders.

7.  What if I need a custom size?

We can print any size. If you want your print at a size we do not list, just order the next available size larger and specify in the comment box what size you want us to print. Be aware that if the aspect ratio of your print and aspect ratio of your file are different, you will have either cropping of the image or white borders on the print.

8.  Do you print real Black & White?

Yes we do. Very few digital printers in the country actually offer true Black & White prints from digital files. Select the True B&W sizes from the dropdown choices when ordering. We print B&W on Ilford silver gelatin paper multi-contrast RC paper using Ilford chemicals for a true B&W print.

9.  Will the prints match my monitor?

If your monitor is properly calibrated they should be close, but never exact. We cannot match the image on an uncalibrated monitor that we cannot see! We will correct your prints for color and density to what we feel is the best possible print. If you want us to print without any corrections, please advise us of that in the Comment Box. Be aware, that if we print without corrections, we are not responsible for the results and will not make a refund if you are not satisfied.

10.  Can I order from my phone?

Yes, you can easily order directly from your phone or tablet. Simply go to on your phone or tablet's web browser and you will be connected to the Fromex Responsive Website. Just follow the prompts for easy online ordering from your mobile device.

11.  Can I just email the files to you to print?

We highly recommend that you DO NOT. It is the least efficient way to send orders. It will add a day or more to the order process and we charge an additional $10 per order. We will probably have to email you back a few times with questions regarding print sizes, cropping, finish, cost, payments method, shipping address, phone and more. When you send an online order, your files go directly into the print que on our server with all necessary printing information.

12.  What are the payment options?

Please be aware that there is a $10 minimum order for all online, mail, phone and in-house orders.
We offer two secure online payment methods: You can pay online with your credit card or with PayPal. Both are fast, easy and very safe.  If you are not comfortable using either online method, then you can select to have us call you for your credit card information. If you have an established House Account with us, you can select that and we will invoice you.

13.  What if I'm not happy with the prints?

We guarantee our work and will re-print any order if you are not satisfied or refund your money. The only exception is noted above for orders printed WITHOUT CORRECTIONS.

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