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film processing f.a.q.

If you don't see your question here, please contact us

1. When will I receive my order?

Whenever possible, we try to complete your order and ship it back to you on the same day we receive it. Larger orders or more complex orders requiring many different services may take longer. The average turnaround time is about 1 week; that includes shipping time to us, 1-2 days in the lab, and shipping time back to you.

2. What are my shipping options?

You can ship to us free using a small bubble wrap envelope and the prepaid label available for download HERE. If you want faster shipping to us, you can send your order by an overnight service at your expense. Return shipping to you is by USPS 1st Class/Priority Mail at no charge on orders over $75.00, and $8.50 for smaller orders. If you want USPS Express Mail back to you, we will do that for an additional cost of $27.50. or FedEx Ground for $20.00.

3. How do I send film to Fromex?

4. What are my payment options?

The order form includes a space for your credit card information. Please do not send a check, as it is rarely for the correct amount due to blank rolls, unknown number of prints, shipping, taxes, etc. If you would like us to call you for your credit card information, please include your phone number and the best time to call. You can also select to have a PayPal invoice sent to you.

5. Do you process all film types including old film?

Yes, we process just about all Color and B&W film in the following formats and sizes: 35mm, 35mm Half-frame, 110, 116, 120, 126, 127, 220, 620, and APS. We also process all single use disposable cameras. Old C-22 color film is processed as B&W.

There are only a few odd films types that we cannot process and those are: InfraRed film, Agfa Copex Rapid,  Litho film, Recording Film 2475, Kodachrome, Kodak Disc Film, or any 35mm film marked as Process ECN or ECN-2. We do not process 4x5 or larger sheet film.

6. Will I get my negatives back?

Absolutely. We always return the negatives uncut in a long roll for all Process Only orders. If you order prints, we will cut and sleeve the negatives and package them with your prints unless you instruct us otherwise. We normally cut 35mm film into strips of four frames, but can cut in strips of five or six frames on request.

7. Does the processing charge include prints?

No, it does not. The processing charge of $7.49 is only for the chemical processing of the film to change the film's latent image created in your camera to a permanent visible image on the film. Your film is returned uncut and sleeved. If you want prints, scans to a CD or a USB drive, or proof sheets, those services are all ordered separately on the order form.

8. Which scanning resolution should I order?

We offer three resolutions of digital scans from your film; 4mb low resolution, 18mb standard resolution and 48mb high resolution. The sizes and prices are on the order form and a more detailed explanation is on our Scanning page HERE. Simply put, Low Res is for emailing, screen viewing and printing up to 4x6 prints, Standard Res is for printing up to 8x10 enlargements, and High Res is for larger size printing.
You can request your scans on CD/DVD, USB flash drive or online delivery.

9. I ordered 4mb low resolution scans, but the files are less than 1mb. Why?

All scans are returned in your choice of JPG or TIF files. Most customers prefer JPG files because they are compressed for easier file transfer and a smaller storage space is required. However if you look at the file size when compressed, a 4mb file will read at less than 1mb. Once the image is opened on your screen it will measure the full 4mb. Many software programs (like Photoshop) can easily display the file size in both the compressed state and the open image file.

10. What if my roll of film is blank?

Due to the vast increase in the number of blank rolls we are receiving (rolls found in old cameras, drawers, shoe boxes, attics, etc.), we can no longer process them for free.

Current 35mm  rolls of C-41 or B&W film that are blank after processing will be charged $4.00 per roll.

All E-6 processed film, all 120/220 pro film, single use cameras, 110, 126, vintage film types (127, 620, 616, 116, etc), all old processes like C-22, films received wet or damaged that require extra handling, and any other odd or unusual film types that are blank, will be charged the full regular processing  price.

We will return the blank rolls with the rest of your order. If all of your rolls are blank, we will call or email you to see if you want to pay the additional $8.50 to have the blank rolls returned to you, or if you want us to dispose of them and only charge you the blank roll processing fees described above.

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