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John Albright, Owner
Fromex Photo & Digital
Signal Hill, California

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Prints On Aluminum

You have to see these to appreciate their vibrant beauty

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Fromex's Prints on Aluminum are a unique new product.

Available in single or double panels, and four metal finishes.

Using a 400 degree heat sublimation process, the dyes are infused directly into specially coated aluminum sheets.

Your image is waterproof and virtually scratch resistant.


White Gloss, White Matte, Clear Gloss or Clear Matte. Can't decide or have never seen aluminum prints? Order the 3"x5" Proof Sample Set and get your image printed on each of the four finishes for only $15 plus shipping.

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Prints on Aluminum


Brilliant high gloss surface that shows every detail. The aluminum has a white surface coating prior to the image transfer. This is the most accurate photo quality look, and is excellent surface for any subject matter. About 80-90% of our aluminum print orders are on White Glossy.


Same as above, but with a smooth, very even and soft appearance. Best if surface reflection is a concern.


Natural brushed aluminum look with a glossy finish. Allows the brushed aluminum silver surface of the metal to show through in the white image areas giving it a metallic luminescence. A very modern and artistic look. Not recommended for light colors, best with dark colors or B&W images. We do not recommend that you order either Clear finishes unless you are familiar with aluminum print finishes and have seen the Clear Glossy finish. Order the 4 Finish Sample Set above first.


Same description as Clear Glossy except it is a non-glossy finish. Natural brushed aluminum look with a matte finish. Looks like metal.

Jordi W., Richmond, VA

"I received my order today and am exceptionally pleased with the quality and speed of your service. The prints look amazing. Thanks!"

Jim D., Vermont
"I found the quality, service and friendliness of the staff unsurpassed. I've tried a number of on-line "photo services" and Fromex is far and away the best.  I recently had a fairly large aluminum print with a floating frame made. I really didn't know what to expect. Well, it is stunning. I live about as far as one can get from California (Vermont) and I still get prints back (packaged very well) quickly. John and his technicians are pros."



Single Aluminum Prints are available in sizes from 5x7 to 40x60, including many unique panoramic sizes. Custom sizes are priced at $0.35 per sq. in. If you want a permanently attached wall hanging bracket on the back, please select that option when ordering. The wall bracket and spacers allow the aluminum panel to float from the wall. We also sell small wrought iron easels for displaying aluminum prints up to 11'' x 14'' on a desk or tabletop, and black float frames for framing selected sizes.

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Less than 15 sq. in
11" x 11"
16" x 24"
3" x 5" or 4" x 4"
11" x 14"
20" x 24"
4" x 5" or 4" x 6"
12" x 12"
20" x 30"
5" x 5" or 5" x 7"
10" x 18"
24" x 30"
6" x 6" or 6" x 9"
12" x 16"
24" x 36"
8" x 8" or 8" x 10"
12" x 18"
30" x 40"
8" x 12"
16" x 20"
40" x 60"
8" x 18"


A single 8x or 12x aluminum print is floating in front of a background piece made from brushed aluminum, brushed or mirror stainless steel, galvanized steel, frosted or black acrylic, or bamboo museum board. This can produce a dramatic effect and beautiful wall decor.

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8"x 8" on 12" x 12" Bamboo Museum Board
12" x 12" on 16" x 16" Bamboo Museum Board
8" x 10" on 11" x 13" Galvanized Steel
12" x 16" on 16" x 20" Galvanized Steel
8" x 10" on 11" x 13" Brushed Aluminum
12" x 16" on 16" x 20" Brushed Aluminum
8" x 10" on 11" x 13" Brushed Stainless Steel
12" x 16" on 16" x 20" Brushed Stainless Steel
8" x 10" on 11" x 13" Mirror Stainless Steel
12" x 16" on 16" x 20" Mirror Stainless Steel
8" x 10" on 11" x 13" Black or Frosted Acrylic
12" x 16" on 16" x 20" Black or Frosted Acrylic
7" x 10" on 11" x 14" Bamboo Museum Board
12" x 16" on 17" x 21" Bamboo Museum Board


The beauty of mounting the single aluminum panel in a float frame is that it combines the traditional framed photo look with the modern aluminum print. This is a pre-made float frame, and it is only available is selected sizes. This is for a float frame only, order the proper size single aluminum print separately. We will ship complete ready to hang.

We can also make a custom float frame in any size, but the cost is a bit more. Email us at for a quote.

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Black Float Frame for 11x14 aluminum print
Black Float Frame for 12x12 aluminum print
Black Float Frame for 16x20 aluminum print
Black Float Frame for 20x30 aluminum print


Double Aluminum Prints are a unique way to display your photos on metal. A single aluminum print is floated 1/2" off the surface of a second, larger print, creating a contemporary "framing" effect. The background piece can be one of our stock images, your image, or even the same image. It can also be displayed on an easel or with wall hanging brackets.

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5" x 5" on 8" x 8"
5" x 7" on 8" x 10"
8" x 8" on 11" x 11"
8" x 10" on 11" x 14"
8" x 12" on 12" x 16"
12" x 16" on 16" x 20"


The collage allows you to float multiple aluminum prints on one background piece. The background can be plain brushed aluminum or printed with any image. We have pre-made templates for the most popular arrangements; or contact us for a custom collage design. If you want the ½" float wall hanging bracket on the back,  please select that option when  ordering. You can also add a text line to the bottom of most collages.

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4 - 4" x 5"s on a 6" x 18"
4 - 4"x 4"s or 5"x 5"s on a 12" x 12"
3 - 4" x 6"s on a 10" x 18"

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