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life-size cutouts f.a.q.

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1.  When will I receive my Life-Size Cutout?

Once we have your image file and the order has been prepaid, it takes 2-4 days to make your custom Life-Size Cutout. If we are shipping to you, add time for FedEx Ground shipment; west coast is 1-3 days and east coast is 4-7 days depending on your location.

2.  Can you make a cutout of celebrities, famous people, politicians, sports stars or super heros?

No, unless you have taken a photo of them. We do not use stock photos. We make custom cutouts from your photo image files or prints. Images that you may have downloaded from the internet are usually too low resolution to make a good life-size cutout unless you have purchased a hi-resolution stock image.

3.  Will my image be sharp enough for a quality cutout?

That depends on the file resolution. Send us the largest resolution file you have; that usually means the original camera or phone file, not one that has been downsized by FaceBook or an email program, downloaded from the internet, or a screen grab on a phone.  If you understand image resolution, we prefer an original file that is at least 75ppi at actual size.

4.  How do I make sure that the final life-size cutout is actually the correct height?

Always include the actual height of the person in feet and inches in the Comment Box when you order.

5.  Will you cut away the background? Or do I need to remove it in Photoshop first before I send the order?

Yes, we cut the background away, except for the area around the feet to make a flat base for the stand. We request that you DO NOT try to remove the background in the image file, it only makes cutting it out more difficult.

6.  Can you add a talking bubble?

Yes we can. It is an additional $40.00 charge. You can put that information in the Comment Box when ordering or send it to us by email to The talking bubble will be made removable and you can easily slip it into place.

7.  I only have a print, should I scan it first?

We recommend that you send us the physical print so we can do a high resolution scan to create the best cutout possible. You will receive the photo back with the order. Mail it to us along with your contact information,  and we will phone or email you to confirm your order. Send to: Fromex Photo & Digital, 2699 E 28th Street, Unit 405, Signal Hill, CA 90755.

If you are experienced at scanning and want to scan it yourself, just be sure that your scanner glass is clean, crop only to the subject, and scan at the highest resolution that your scanner allows. Convert it to a JPG file to order online.

8.  I'm taking a new photo for the cutout. What is the best way?

If you are taking a new digital photo for the cutout: Set your digital camera to the highest JPG file resolution possible. Turn the camera or phone for a vertical picture, stand back about 20 feet and zoom in to make your subject fill the frame vertically top to bottom, use your flash to fill the shadows; the background is irrelevant. Do not crop out the feet. Standing back eliminates the perspective problem of being too close and distorting the image.

9.  Is my cutout printed on cardboard?

No, unlike most cutouts you order online, ours are printed on high quality photo paper, mounted on 3/16 thick foam board and laminated with a protective 5mil matte laminate that is non-reflective for flash photography. It is then carefully cut out by hand with a precision foam board cutting tool. It is very durable and can be used over and over. We do offer a double thick foam board option for an additional $10 per foot of height for cutouts used in an everyday commercial application.

10.  How is it shipped? Is it folded?

Your cutout is never folded. Cutouts more than three feet tall are shipped in two pieces with a tab and slot built into the back, and can be easily and securely assembled and dis-assembled. Our Standard Shipping in the continental USA is by FedEx Ground at $30 for the first cutout and $10 more for each additional cutout shipped in the same box. We usually ship within 2-3  days after receiving your order so you can estimate delivery in 7-10 days. Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, International, overnight or 2-day service will require an additional charge. We will call you with the details. We DO NOT ship cutouts by USPS Priority or Express Mail.

11.  Does the cutout include a stand?

Yes. We build it with a fold out stand that is easy to use and will fold back flat for easy transport.

12.  How can I figure the cost?

There is a price chart on our Life-Size Cutout page. A standard cutout up to 30" wide is $30 per foot of height (minimum 3 feet), cutouts 30"-36" wide are $35 per foot and cutouts 36"-44' wide and all cutouts of couples are $40 per foot of height (minimum 3 feet). A non-reflective matte lamination is included. The price is based on the height and width of the cutout, and includes the cost of the print. For extra wide cutouts of groups, cars, motorcycles, or anything else wider than 44", a separate quote will be required. FedEx Ground shipping is $30.00 and California residents add 10.25% sales tax.

13.  How do I order?

Use this link to our Life-Size Cutout online ordering system. First select the cutout width you think will fit, and then the correct template box for the height. Open the creation screen, first choose your JPG image file; the larger the digital file size the better; and then use the EDIT and ZOOM buttons to fill the pre-sized template with your image. (Note: If you want your cutout 5'10" tall, you need to size your image very close to the top of the 6 foot template box.) If your image is too wide for the box, then start over and select a wider cutout template. If you have a question, call us at 562-433-4937 or email us at

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