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The Treasure Hunt

The Game is Over


Treasure Hunt Rules & Guidelines


- Hidden within this website are six prizes. Each prize is a credit voucher good toward any Fromex purchase. There are three $10 prizes, one $20, one $50 and one $100 prize.

- Only the first person to find each prize wins. One prize per person, family or household.. To be eligible to win, you must be a Fromex Email Club member as of June 15th, 2018 and receive the email announcing the Treasure Hunt on the morning of Saturday June 16th, 2018.

- The prizes will be hidden within the website text in the following format:


Where the xxxxx is the code word with any number of letters and the ## or ### is the dollar value. There may or may not be spaces between any of the letters or numbers. They can be hidden anywhere on any page of this website.

- If you find a prize, IMMEDIATELY email with your name, the code word, the dollar value and the name of the Fromex website page where you found it. If you are the first person to find it, you win! The email time and date stamp will be the official time of notification. Only one prize is awarded per person. Once you win a prize, you are no longer eligible to play the game and cannot claim another prize.

- Winners will be posted below on this page.

- Discovered prizes will appear with a 00 value to indicate that they have already been awarded.  Prizes are for Fromex store credit only and have no cash value.

- To redeem a credit online simply put a note in the comment box when ordering and we will apply your credit, to redeem by mail just deduct it from your order, and to redeem in store bring a copy of your winning email confirmation. If you only use part of your credit, the remaining balance is available on your next purchase.


Name of Winner          Code Name            $ Value      
Date and Time of Discovery              Page Where Found         

Jeremy Cooper                "ship"            $20.00 Fromex Credit
6/16/2018   10:39am                             Life-Size Cutout FAQ page

Nicole Pavlovich              "easy"         $10.00 Fromex Credit
6/16/2018   3:14pm                              Aluminum Prints page

Liz Roseberry              "tailgate"        $100.00 Fromex Credit
6/17/2018   10:58am                         Resolution Explained page


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