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Price and Services Guide

Scanning BY MAIL

Scanning Prints, Negatives and Slides


Your photos, negatives and slides are important to you and your family. There is no better way to protect, share and enjoy them than to convert them to digital.


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Slide developing by mail

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how to send your Prints, Slide Scanning or Negative Scanning order

Print out and complete our easy order form and send it along with your slides, prints or negatives.

Put your slides, prints or negatives and completed order form in a padded or bubble wrap mailer, or box, and ship it to us for FREE, when you download the mailing label below.

We will process it the day we receive it and return it to you by USPS 1st Class Mail.



If you cannot print the order forms or mailing labels, please email or write us and we will mail you some of each. See the contact page for addresses.

Please be sure to put your return address on the package.

Return freight to you is FREE on orders over $75. Express Mail is available for an extra charge (see the order form).




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color print film processing

black & white film processing

e-6 slide film processing



Scanning Prints


1-24 prints

$3.00 each (Min. charge $15)

25-99 prints

1.00 each

100-499 prints

0.75 each

500 + prints

0.50 each


Scans are at 300 ppi at the original print size and saved as JPEG files (TIFF available). These bulk scans are intended for archival purposes and no image enhancement is included. Although we cannot guarantee it, we will make every effort to insure that all images are scanned in order and correctly oriented. Files can be burned to CD or DVD. Photos for bulk scanning orders must be loose and unmounted, not in photo albums, not torn or bent, no glue, staples, or post-it notes, and not smaller than wallet size of 2 x 3 inches or larger than 8" x 10" Mounted or thick photos, such as Polaroid and Kodak Instant Photos, will not feed through our automated equipment.


Custom scans of any size original at any resolution, and photo retouching and restoration are available by quote.


order form: Scanning Prints

Order Form with Prices for all scan types

Mailing Label for FREE shipping to Fromex

Fromex Complete Price & Services Guide




Scanning 35mm Slides


Bulk Digital Slide Archiving

1-20 slides

$2.00 each  (Min. charge $20)

21-40 slides

1.50 each

41-80 slides

1.25 each

81-200 slides

1.10 each

201-400 slides

1.00 each

401-800 slides

0.80 each

801-1000 slides

0.70 each

1000+ slides

0.60 each

All slide scans will closely match the color and density of the original slide as best as possible. Our scans of 35mm slides will produce a JPG file with file resolution of approximately 2400 x 3600 pixels and a file size of about 25 MB when opened. We can deliver these files to you on a CD, DVD or USB Drive. These files will produce an uncropped 8 x 12 print at 300 ppi. Image restoration is available on a case by case basis and can be done after scanning. Pricing quote for restoration work on request.


REQUIREMENTS for bulk slide archiving:


You can bring in your slides in carousel trays, rubber banded together in groups, or loose. Please number them if you desire to have them scanned in a certain order. If you want the scans grouped into separate folders, please label them accordingly. If your slides are dusty, use a small blower brush to clean them up as best you can. We blow them off with compressed air before scanning, but if there is mold or other damage on the film, extra cleaning would be required at an additional charge.


NOTE: Old slides have sometimes been forgotten in an attic or closet, and unfortunately they show it. If your slides are very dirty or dusty and would benefit from additional care, Fromex can take extra time to manually clean selected slides. We will quote you a price for such work in advance.


As hard as we try, we will never be able to remove all dust. If you have an image(s) that you would like a little extra time spent on, we can do so via our Restoration Service. Ask us for more details.


order form: Scanning 35mm Slides

Order Form with Prices for all scan types

Mailing Label for FREE shipping to Fromex

Fromex Complete Price & Services Guide




Scanning Negatives



Low Resolution scans

are about 4.5mb in size and cost $7.95 per roll (35mm, APS or 120/220).

These economy scans are for screen viewing, e-mail or the web, and will produce quality prints up to 4×6 size. They are color/density corrected and dust free.


35mm Pixel File Size

6x4.5 Pixel File Size

6x6Pixel File Size

6x7 Pixel File Size

1536 x 1024 4.5 mb

1536 x 1124 4.9mb

1536 x 1512 6.6mb

1536 x 1252 - 5.5mb


Standard Resolution scans

are about 18mb in size and cost $14.95 per roll (35mm, APS and 120 film)

These standard scans are color/density corrected and dust free. From these standard-res scans we make true photographic quality prints up to 11x14. Scanning 220 film is priced as two rolls of 120 film.


35mm Pixel - File Size

6x4.5 Pixel File Size

6x6Pixel File Size

6x7 Pixel File Size

3072 x 2048 18.0 mb

2798 x 2048 16.3mb

2080 x 2048 12.1mb

2512 x 2048 14.7mb


High Resolution scans

are about 48mb in size and cost $24.95 per roll (35mm and 120 film)

These Hi-Res scans are color corrected and dust free. Scanning 220 film is priced as two rolls of 120 film.


35mm Pixel File Size

6x4.5 Pixel File Size

6x6Pixel File Size

6x7 Pixel File Size

5000x3333 - 48.1 mb

4800x3500 - 48.8mb

4800x4800 - 65.8mb

5900x4800 - 81.3mb


From single frames at standard resolution

Fromm 35mm cut negs with selected frames

$ 3.00 ea

1-3 Days

$15.00 min.

From cut film with selected frames of 120/220 film

$ 5.00 ea

1-3 Days

$15.00 min.



order form: Scanning Negatives

Order Form with Prices for all film types

Mailing Label for FREE shipping to Fromex

Fromex Complete Price & Services Guide




Custom Scans



Custom Scans available from any size prints or film

Our digital imaging department handles all custom scanning from any source, to any file resolution, in any file format, and on any media.

Please contact us for a quote at 562-433-4937.


canadian customers

We welcome orders from our Canadian friends. Although you cannot use the prepaid USPS Business Reply free shipping label to send us your film; we will happily ship back to you for free on orders of US$75.00 or more. Orders under US$75.00 will be charged US$7.50 freight.


All pricing is detailed on our Order Forms. Download those from the links on this page.


The words Film Processing and Film Developing are exactly the same thing. They both refer to the chemical process of changing your exposed film into visual images. We always return the film to you.

The price for film processing DOES NOT include any prints or scans to CD. All prints, enlargements, proof sheets and scans to CD or DVD are ordered and priced separately on the order form. If you are ordering prints, BE SURE to specify the print finish; if you are ordering scans, BE SURE to specify the files size and file type on the order form.


Submitting any film, negatives, slides or prints to Fromex Photo & Digital in Long Beach, California, for processing or other handling constitutes an agreement by you that any damages or loss by our company or agents, even if negligent by our company or agents, entitles you to replacement of like film and processing. Except for such replacement, the acceptance of film, negatives, slides or prints is without warranty or liability, and recovery for damages is excluded. Fromex Photo & Digital in Long Beach, California, is not responsible for any loss, damage, or delay caused by the US Postal Service, FedEx, UPS, or other carriers. We reserve the right to change prices and terms anytime without notice.





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