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The Impossible Project Film 

Film and Accessories
Polaroid 600

Film and Accessories
Polaroid SX-70

Film and Accessories
Polaroid Spectra,
Image, 1200




What is Impossible Film?

Impossible film is NOT Polaroid film. Rather it is a new and unique instant film designed for use in existing Polaroid cameras.


What is The Impossible Project?

In October 2008 The Impossible Project, founded by a small group of ex-Polaroid executives and scientists, saved the last Polaroid production plant for integral instant film in Enschede (Netherlands) and started to invent and produce totally new instant film materials for traditional Polaroid cameras. In 2010 Impossible saved analog instant photography from extinction by releasing various, brand new and unique instant films. Therewith Impossible prevents more than 300 Million perfectly functioning Polaroid cameras from becoming obsolete, changes the world of photography and keeps variety, tangibility and analogue creativity and possibilities alive.


Read more about their amazing story at


Watch a "How It's Made" video about Impossible Film here.


Detailed information on all of the Impossible Film products that we carry can be found on the following pages sorted by camera type:

Polaroid 600

Polaroid SX-70

Polaroid Spectra/Image/1200


Where can I buy Impossible Film?

Fromex Photo & Digital at 5277 E. 2nd Street in Long Beach, California is the sole retail location in Southern California listed on The Impossible Project website. You can order Impossible Film online here, or can pick it up in our Long Beach store 7 days a week. Call us at 562-433-4937 or email us at


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Tips on using Impossible Film in your Polaroid camera are available online at