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1.  When will I get my Aluminum prints?

Once you complete your online order, we try to print your order and ship it to you the same day, or the very next day. If you choose Priority Mail you should get your order in 2-3 days. If you choose Express mail you should get the order in 1-2 days.


2.  How do I know which surface looks best?

The white glossy finish is the most popular because it looks like a brilliant photograph with a super deep gloss. The clear glossy has the brushed aluminum background and there are no "whites". It is very artsy and looks very metallic. The matte finish versions are just non-reflective matte instead of glossy. If you haven't seen these prints in person, we suggest that you first order a small sample set of each finish from your photo file. You will find the sample set in the Aluminum Extras section when ordering. It is $15 plus freight.


3.  Can I get a sample print or test print?

If you are ordering an aluminum print 16x20 or larger and have paid for it online, just write in the Comment Box that you would like to approve a small 4x test print first. We will send the test to you for your approval before starting the larger print.


4.  Can I crop my photos?

Yes, you can zoom in on any photo and then adjust the location in the box.


5.  Can I order a custom size?

Yes, we can cut the aluminum to any size. Be sure that your image file is the same aspect ratio as your file print size so there is no cropping. Then order the next larger size aluminum. Explain what you want in the Comment Box.


6.  What is the "Double Aluminum"?

Your aluminum print image is mounted to float in front of another piece of aluminum, stainless steel, acrylic or other material, to add this unique framing effect. If your background piece is aluminum, it can also be printed with any image.


7.  Will the print fade or scratch?

The aluminum prints are extremely durable and will not easily scratch or fade. You should however keep them out of direct sunlight as this will fade just about anything given enough time. You can clean them with a soft cloth and any liquid cleaner, water or alcohol..


8.  Can I hang it on the wall?

Yes, you have the option to order an aluminum wall mounting bracket on the back. We also have a variety of easels for smaller prints (8x10 or smaller) if you want to display it on a desk, table or shelf.


9.  How are these prints made?

Your image is first printed on a special release paper and then transferred to the aluminum at 400 degrees under heavy pressure. The final image actually resides under the surface of the metal and gives it the deep brilliant finish.


10.  How do I order?

Start on the Aluminum Page at , hit the ORDER button to begin the process. First decide on the print type and size and follow the ordering instructions.







2699 E. 28th Street, Unit 405, Signal Hill, CA 90755-2270

Ph: 562-290-8469

Ph: 562-433-4937





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